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The real estate market changes constantly. One month it's a seller's market...but not the next. For an agent it can be difficult to maintain a relationship with a client who is deciding between selling their property and renting when the market starts to dip. And if they choose to rent, what happens next?

Property Management PNW can help you maintain that relationship while your clients rent out their property. When you refer an investment property to us, we will provide the best possible support to your clients and smoothly transition them back to you once they are ready to sell. As property management specialists, we focus on property management and will never take a sales client away from you.

Referrals are essential in the real estate industry, including property management. When an agent refers business to us and it results in a new management contract, we share 25% of the leasing fee with the agent (a leasing fee is equal to one month’s rent). Thank you!

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