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Resident Benefits Package

Included with ALL Property Management PNW Residential Agreements is a Resident Benefits Package. Below is a list and description of the benefits included in this package. The monthly cost for the Resident Benefits Package varies based on service levels. It will be advertised specifically for each property and included in all Lease Agreements.

Utility Concierge Program

Utility Concierge If you’re interested in changing your internet or cable providers, but don’t want to make time for the dreaded hold times to discuss your options with variable companies, our Utility Concierge Service will turn this hassle into a simple 10 to 15-minute conversation.

Filter Delivery Service 

Air Filters Shipped Directly to your Front Door! Changing filters, a known tenant responsibility, is now as easy as opening the front door. For our properties with HVAC, we’ve made every effort to ensure your obligation to change the filter(s) is as easy as possible by having them delivered to your door approximately every 90 days, or as required by the property’s HVAC system. This helps you save up to 15% on monthly heating & cooling bills, improves indoor air quality, and reduces the hassles and liability of repairs.

$1M Identity Protection

1 in 4 Americans are victims of identity fraud. All adult leaseholders get $1M coverage backed by AIG, monitoring through IBM's Watson, and a dedicated, US-based Identity Restoration Specialist. 

Credit Building 

Now you can build your credit by paying your rent on time too! Boost your credit score each time you pay rent on time! 

Resident Rewards Program

We celebrate every chance we get! Now, you’ll be rewarded for paying your rent on time and earn rewards for gift cards.

24/7 Maintenance Coordination

24/7 Emergency Maintenance Hotline with Live Phone Support. Residents can reach a live person after hours for emergency maintenance concerns.

Vetted Vendor Network

We find the technicians, and you can feel comfortable knowing they are reputable, licensed, and insured.

Online Portal 

Pay your rent online, access documents and submit those maintenance requests any time, 24/7. We know life is busy, so we provided this tenant portal to help make these tasks easy to accomplish!

Tenant Liability Insurance Policy

$100,000 Limit for Resident’s legal liability for damage to Landlord’s real improved and personal property, including any fixtures, for no less than the following causes of loss: fire, smoke, explosion, backup or overflow of sewer, drain or sump, water damage (“Required Insurance”).

If Tenant has an equal and/or better Renters Insurance/Liability Policy and lists the Landlord as an Interested Party, Tenant may opt out of this portion of the Resident Benefit Package.  Landlord will modify the monthly price of the RBP to $33.00 as long as Landlord has received information regarding the tenant’s policy, and it matches or exceeds what is offered in this package.  If at any time the Landlord receives a cancellation notice regarding Tenants outside purchase liability policy, Landlord will enter Tenant into the Master Insurance Policy purchased by Landlord and modify the RBP price to $43.95 per month.  

____  opt in to Master Renters Insurance - RBP total $43.95 per month

____  opt out of Master Renters Insurance- add  Property Management PNW as interested party and ensure coverage is equal or exceeds the Master Policy- RBP total is $33.00 per month this section

If a tenant chooses to Opt-Out of any of the Property Management PNW benefits listed above, the tenant shall still be responsible for paying the monthly cost for the Resident Benefit Package as provided in the Residential Lease Agreement section.