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HELP My Tenant Is Not Able To Pay The Rent!

Property Management PNW - Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Hello Landlords!

In the last few months I  have received several calls from landlords who are not receiving rent from their tenants and do not know what they are allowed to do to collect the rent! 

First I would say educate yourself on landlord tenant laws within the new guidelines due to Covid    

These three things should be done each month for any resident/tenant with a balance 

Standard Practice at Pacific NW Realty and Property Management Services is to Prepare an invoice showing the balance, with a letter with options in your area for rental assistance. We recommend Arlington Resource Center in Arlington or calling 211 for assistance. along with any other information that you have available for financial assistance. 

if you need assistance with sample letters to help you maneuver these challenging times feel free to reach out to Melanie Maddy at - we are offering a Free landlord guide or you can schedule a private appointment to find out more about our property management services for the long term investor or if selling is an option we are also ready to assist you in the potential sale of your investment.